Starting Over How to Choose your Next Career

Perhaps you remember your parents or your grandparents and how they would often take a job and stick with it for twenty to thirty years. The days of being a “lifer” are fading pretty fast. In this day and age, people realize they can outgrow their career prospects in one industry and decide they want to transition to something else. Changing your career prospects can be a daunting task, but it can be done with the appropriate preparation. Here are some tips:

Give it the appropriate research

The first step is to research it like a project. The best start is to put together a timeline and determine how much time and energy you will dedicate to the process. If you are not willing to go all in, then it might be better to consider other options.

Reflect on your options

You really should look at the possible areas that your new experience could encompass. Make a list of new jobs you could interested in, and then replace the limit down to just six. After that, all you have to do is look at the details. First of what does working in these jobs entail and what do these individuals exactly do? Finally, you need to see what type of insight someone in your network might have and research training options if you need to.

Consider taking an assessment

If you know you are burned out on your job but you’re not sure what steps to take next, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to take an assessment to properly gauge what your talents and aptitudes might be. Some of the best ones would be “Strength Finders” or the “Strong interest inventory/Meyers Briggs type inventor report.” These assessments will probably show that you are good at one thing but keep an open mind because they could very well show you are even better in a different area as well.

Don’t base your next career choice just on money

This can be hard to accomplish because money is something that literally makes the world go round. But how many people have settled on a career just because it is lucrative and then a few years later they became burned out on it? That’s why it is best for you to find something you are passionate about. You will have the appropriate energy as a result, and then the money you will make will simply take of itself.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a startup enthusiast and entrepreneur who provides insights into the world of Silicon Valley and beyond. As a former startup founder, Mark lends his expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship and his incisive writing.