An Interview is a Sales Pitch and you are the Product

When it comes to interviews, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re applying for an advanced position. After all, the higher you aim, the more pressure there will be to perform. Don’t waste your opportunity sweating out your big chance. As you prepare your answers and put on your game face, remember: an interview is a sales pitch, and you’re the product.


Interviewers are keen on picking up on your state of mind and level of confidence. Having high confidence from the moment you walk into the room is key in making sure you land the position. Try doing a light workout beforehand, which is shown to increase confidence. Remind yourself why you deserve the position. It’s a mind game, after all. If all else fails, the adage “fake it until you make it” always applies.


When the interview comes to a close, they always seem to ask if you have any questions of your own. The worst thing you can do is say that you don’t. It not only shows that you didn’t prepare but that you don’t even care. Even if you don’t have major questions, be sure to come up with two or three to ask to convey the right message.


Like anything in life, it pays to rehearse. Practice makes perfect, and that’s even more applicable in job interview settings. Because you’re selling yourself and you’re the product, you want to make sure your presentation is as polished as possible.

Get a mirror and practice what you’re going to say. In addition, rehearse the answers to common questions you think they’ll ask, such as “what’s your biggest weakness?” That way, you’ll be ready to handle anything they throw at you, plus you’ll represent yourself in the way you truly deserve.


The way you dress affects how others perceive you. The last thing you want is to appear slobbish. Instead of wearing what’s comfortable, wear what you feel will make you more qualified in their eyes, without overdressing. A little can go a long way.


You want to dazzle your potential employer at every turn, and one big way to do that is by presenting yourself as ultimately knowledgeable in your field. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a little while since business school; read some articles. What’s going on in the industry? What are people talking about? Where are the trends leading? Take some time before the interview to research so you’re equipped to guide the conversation toward the company’s needs — and how you can fulfill them.

Skill Development

Ongoing skill development is vital to present yourself as top in your field. With so many new technologies coming out and evolving daily, it’s crucial to stay on top of them. It doesn’t matter if you have one year or ten years of experience. In order to stay sharp, especially for interviews, consider business management classes, reading related books, or attending workshops. It never hurts to be prepared.


If you don’t have a list of references prepared, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Any applicant with a positive track record that has references will be preferable over someone who doesn’t. But if you haven’t worked in the particular position you’re applying for before don’t panic. Come up with a reference list of people who know you as a person. This will demonstrate that you’re a person of integrity and a strong work ethic.

You have a valuable place in the world today and in the future. However, if you fail to use the right tips and techniques in your interviewing, you could miss out on valuable opportunities to get a new job or get promoted. So make sure to brush up on your interview technique and land the position and career that you deserve.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a startup enthusiast and entrepreneur who provides insights into the world of Silicon Valley and beyond. As a former startup founder, Mark lends his expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship and his incisive writing.