The Easiest Industries to Start a Business in Today

Starting a business today is very risky. However, the best way to improve your odds of starting a successful business is to find a business that is easy to enter and has a high success rate for the new entrepreneur. Of course, the idea should match your interest, skills, and abilities too. Here are the easiest industries to start a business in today.


The fact is that more and more people are purchasing their services and products online. People find this a way to save time and money. The economy is improving. Consequently, people have more disposable income to work with and make purchases. The odds are that those purchases are made online. An e-commerce business is one of the easiest business ideas to start today, requiring very low overhead for some business ideas. Start an e-commerce business that offers the customer quality, great customer service, and fast delivery.

MLM Sales

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM Sales are still a very hot business idea and a business idea that offers extremely easy entry into the industry. This type of business thrives on their sales force ability to attract customers and make sales. Perhaps this is why MLM’s have seen a 90% growth spurt in the last decade, aided by the explosion of major brands like NuSkin, doTERRA, and Cutco. Generally, the MLM Sales people are independent workers that promote another business, selling their services or products. The earning potential is high, so this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

APP Development

The software application industry is booming. The entrepreneur with a good idea for their own Mobile App Development will strike gold in this industry. Tech opportunities in application development are continuing to grow, giving new entrepreneurs easy entry into the field. More and more applications are sought by the public and the need for new developers increases.

Maintenance Work

If you have the right background, a maintenance business could be your stepping stone to greater success. The good news is that starting a maintenance business requires very low startup and overhead. However, the competition in the industry is very competitive in some areas of the country. If you have skills with landscaping, cleaning, home repair or maintenance, give it a go.

Health Care Industry

The fact is that the population in this country is getting older. Therefore, there is a growing need for people that are connected with the healthcare industry to serve the public needs of this group. Meeting those needs creates more opportunities for healthcare organizations and healthcare specialist to open their own practice.

Studies have shown that the industries included here are the perfect gateway to a rewarding business endeavor. Still, it is important to make sure that the industry matches your background and abilities to achieve greater success.

Linda Williams

Linda Williams is a financial analyst turned writer with a talent for demystifying the complex world of venture capital and investment. Her columns offer a blend of practical advice and forecasts that are invaluable to investors and business owners alike.