4 Ideas for Distinguishing Yourself as an App Developer

Application developers have become a relatively standard commodity, making the job arena extremely competitive. The high influx of newcomers to the “gold mine” of app development has made it increasingly trying to find a job. However, with a few simple steps, you can easily distinguish yourself as a great app developer.

1. Create a Personal Brand

When you are a self-starter, it is essential to look at yourself as a business. A business owner brands their products so that people are aware who the product comes from. A personal brand requires more than just a logo. An app developer should begin by creating a website and a blog with their brand. They should also become actively involved in social media from posting to liking and sharing to commenting. Social media helps to form a network and followers who will be ready when your app comes out.

2. Binding the App to an Innovative Product

Standing out as an app developer may mean getting your hands on hardware as well as software. Combining innovative technology with a product that people use, or a product you invent creates a larger user base for your app. A good example of this is the person who created a home fire alarm which you can silence from your phone. The inventor saw a need for fire alarms not going off from steam or burnt toast and created a technology that accomplished it. By examining consumer’s needs from a lacking product or a lack of product, you can meld software and hardware to distinguish yourself from other developers.

3. Use Your Passion

When it comes to creating an app, don’t develop something because you believe it will sell well or be better than similar apps of its kind. Developing an app should start with your passions. When you are passionate about a project, you will increase your productivity and the quality of your product. Passion helps you stand out from the many who create apps just to make money.

4. Start Marketing From the Beginning

Begin marketing from the very conception of the application’s idea. Marketing builds a consumer base, raising excitement and creating supporters who will be ready to download the app when it is launched. Use your blog, app store optimization, demo videos, launch pages, and more to generate interest in your product. Social media is also an excellent outlet for promotion.

Distinguishing yourself as an app developer doesn’t have to be difficult. It takes some marketing, some passion, the ability to understand consumer needs, and a whole lot of creativity. Your products will be climbing to the top of everyone’s wish list in no time.

Linda Williams

Linda Williams is a financial analyst turned writer with a talent for demystifying the complex world of venture capital and investment. Her columns offer a blend of practical advice and forecasts that are invaluable to investors and business owners alike.