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Kyani- The Greek spiritual word for extreme good health and fortune.
This is the inspiration that Kyani as a company draws on to create a lifestyle of health and wellness for anyone who uses them. This can only be done through looking for products within nature, which is what Kyani has done.

Kyani Products and Nature’s Ingredients

Wild Alaskan Blueberry

In the small window of summer that occurs in Alaska, the abundance of daylight that occurs produces a blueberry that is indigenous to the Alaskan region. This unusual form of blueberry not only has five times the phytochemical properties of blueberries grown in other areas, but this includes a unique abundance of antioxidants.

Uttwiler Spatlauber-Swiss Apple

The Uttwiler Spatlauber is a fruit that was cultivated from a seed that was planted back in the 18th century. Farmers found it to be an unusually hardy apple for planting because it would store for long periods of time without deteriorating quickly. In modern times, this apple seed was studied and found to have extensive longevity in its stem cells. This translates to the human body when this natural product is used on the skin, into an increase in human skin cell life and the ability to build new skin cell tissue.

Kyani’s Mission Statement

The natural ingredients that Kyani has specifically chosen for its products reflect the company’s mission to create the most innovative, healthy, and enduring formulas for their customers to experience the results that they are looking for and they can rely on time and time again and become a part of their life.

Kyani’s Scientific Experts

Once the two founding families of Kyani found their natural ingredients, they wanted evidence of the health and wellness benefits of them and turned to scientific experts to not only prove this but to continue to develop the products to their optimal effectiveness while working on creating more products. Kyani’s Scientific Advisory Board was formed for this purpose and is made up of the following medical and scientific experts:

Dr. Abbas Qutab

As the senior expert on the Scientific Advisory Board for Kyani, Dr. Qutab has multiple degrees in medicine including chiropractic procedure and oriental medicine. He also has a Ph.D. in the traditional medicine of India called Ayurvedic Medicine.

Dr. Clair Francomano

Dr. Francomano received her graduate degree at Yale College and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She served as the first Clinical Director at the National Human Genome Research Institute which was created through the National Institute of Health.

Dr. Thomas Joseph Burke

Dr. Burke attended the University of Houston where he received his Ph.D. then immediately worked for four years at Duke University Medical School on a research fellowship position. Because of his extensive research expertise, he is an avid national and international medical lecturer with over 92 articles and contributions to numerous books.

Dr. Jennifer Haley

Dr. Haley is a certified dermatologist who has recently joined the Kyani Scientific Advisory Board and contributed her expertise in connecting science and nature to develop skin care products with optimal effects on skin nutrition and wellness.

Kyani Products

The Kyäni Triangle of Health

This three-tiered system allows for the person who is using it to develop a daily skin-care regimen that consists of the following:

• Kyäni Sunrise: this lotion is infused with natural Alaskan blueberries and multiple natural extracts that give skin a vitamin-enriched boost first thing each day.
• Kyäni Sunset: At the end of the day, the omega-3 ingredients in this product derived from Alaskan Salmon helps with body wellness.
• Kyäni Nitro: With the ingredient of Noni, a leaf native to the South Pacific and full of Nitric Oxide, this product will help with circulation.


The Fleuresse four-product skin care system includes:

• Serum: This product as ingredients derived from plant stem cells is a skin refresher that helps to reduce visible wrinkles.
• Boosting Cleanser: with even more natural plant ingredients, this cleanser not only cleans but puts into your skin a plethora of vitamins including amino acids and important antioxidants to deter the aging process.
• Day Brightening Crème: This hydrating product will deter the finest of lines from forming and also take existing wrinkles and soften them.
• Night Crème: a voluptuous product loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, and multiple vitamins that actually hydrate the skin, smooth it out, and soften the look of skin while working on deterring the advancement of aging skin.

Social Media

As Kyani works on its ever-evolving products, the company has utilized social media to keep up with its progress through:

and Instagram- in order to promote Kyani’s mission to “bring Hope-the promise of a better life—through wellness and opportunity.”

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