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The services that we can offer your teen at the Diamond Ranch Academy (DRA) run the full scope of therapeutic, academic and life skills training all in one positively-centered boarding school environment.

These services, designed with character-building goals in mind, develop the areas that many troubled teens have their greatest weaknesses in self-esteem, motivating themselves, leadership, and critical thinking, and life skills.

Each of the programs at Diamond Ranch Academy has a customized element for each teen to be able to find a specific connection with their peers of both genders who can relate to what they are struggling to overcome. This means that the age and issue of each teen is an integral part of the design of each program within a residential treatment center environment.


Within the structure of the therapy that each teen receives, the end-goal is to teach them how to be accountable for the choices that they make in life and how those choices affect their long-term goals and other people in their life.

This means that the focus must be on training to understand negative emotions and negative behavior that has challenged each teen in a different way. Therapists with training at the Master’s and Doctoral levels and are licensed as mental health professionals by the state of Utah help them through this process. They utilized research-based therapy programs to help each teen.

Even teens who have been through other therapeutic programs have said that the therapy at DRA is better in many ways as the process is not only with an individual therapist but also with interaction with peers who share the same challenges.


With a teaching staff of seven instructors that have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in their field, they come to DRA with licenses from the State of Utah and the North West Accreditation Commission showing their level of expertise in their chosen field.

The classrooms and curriculum are both traditionally designed with learning strategies for each student in test preparation and ways to study efficiently while still being able to cope with everyday life. Each instructor scaffolds the learning process to give each teen the ability to learn at their own pace and build their confidence and skills in each subject as they study and apply what they are learning.

This is accomplished at DRA because of the small class sizes. This means that students will receive more one-on-one instruction from their teachers as well as an opportunity to work in small peer groups of between 5-8 students without being overwhelmed by too many individuals involved in one project. This helps each teen to practice their collaborating with others, accepting constructive criticism, and being a good citizen.

This is a cornerstone of the DRA philosophy to build a positive attitude toward learning and growing as a human being. This way, each student can eventually leave DRA with a level of confidence and knowledge about what they really want to do in life and how they can work toward mastering their skills in that field.


As with any academic program, consideration is taken for teens who may have special academic needs. DRA addresses this as well with instructors who are licensed in special education. Additionally, a teen who would normally be put in an isolated special education classroom in another environment is brought into the regular classroom environment without feeling overwhelmed by too many students and not enough individual instructional attention because of the smaller class sizes and the ability of each instructor to work more closely with each student on their individual academic needs.


Learning is not just happening in the classroom at Diamond Ranch Academy Residential Treatment Center. Once concepts are discussed and studied, an integral part of learning is applying those concepts to real-life experiences and situations. That is why field trips are an integral part of learning. Teens have the chance to experience a different aspect of what they are learning and more often are able to have a hands-on approach in order to understand more things about what they are learning in each of their subjects. This speaks to the philosophy of Diamond Ranch Academy that learning is about real-world experiences.


Many teens struggle in their academic subjects and find a great passion in other activities where they can build their self-esteem. Diamond Ranch Academy boarding school offers a great variety of these activities to its teens through clubs. They can join in on a hiking expedition; learn to do woodworking under the supervised guidance of a field professional; practice their debating skills; join 4H and learn to raise chickens and other farm animals, and they can choose an instrument and learn how to play.

There is also a dedicated Fine Arts Program for performing. Any of these clubs and programs that each teen chooses to participate in will help them to develop their own interests and self-discipline beyond a traditional classroom setting.


The city-league athletic program welcomes teens of all skill levels to participate in a multitude of sports including baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, golf, cheerleading, volleyball, track, and even Zumba. The coaches are trained professionals who understand that building up each teen’s idea of sportsmanship, team leadership, and self-confidence are the core values of the program and participation should be a fun as well as a safe experience for each athlete that participates.

Diamond Ranch Academy school for troubled teens has no limits on what it can offer your teen in terms of a variety of programs that will build self-worth, self-confidence, and life skills for long-term success in life.





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